ZoŽ ís Book Pick of the Week


The Easter Bunny That Overslept

by Priscilla & Otto Friedrich, illustrated by

Adrienne Adams

NY, 1957, 1983 revised edition, Lothrop.


Text Box:  An Easter Bunny sleeps through his big day and finds later that no one wants his colored eggs. He is clever and repaints them red, white, and blue to distribute on July 4th. However, no one wants easter eggs on the fourth of July and the noise of fireworks scares the bunny. He perseveres and makes another effort on Halloween, but again, no one wants his eggs. He feels pretty bad by this time, but Santa comes to the rescue by giving him a job making toys for Christmas at the North Pole. I liked the cameo appearance by Mrs. Claus. At last, Santa gives the bunny an alarm clock of his own, so he wonít oversleep again, (it has numbers on it). The illustrations are all nice sherberty colors, sort of like easter.